Our Philosophy
We believe that each child is an individual - a gift from God - born with the desire to learn. We provide high quality preschool education, coupled with a warm and nurturing environment for each and every child. With the proper guidance and encouragement, children are capable of learning more in their preschool years than at any other time in their life.

Our Mission
To create a learning environment for your child that is both stimulating and rewarding. We encourage the social, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and creative well being of each child. We recognize the values and beliefs that are important to a family, and we work at reinforcing the positive lessons taught at home.

Our Results
We have found that children in our program are better prepared for Kindergarten, grow in social maturity, and develop a foundation in areas such as reading, writing, sign language, Spanish, science, and creative arts.   Please don't take our word for it, come see for yourself!

Our Staff

At Fingerprints Christian Preschool you will find a second home for your child. Our teachers are highly trained professionals who are degreed, certified and/or experienced in quality preschool education. They are required to participate in yearly training classes related to the social and academic development of children. In addition, Fingerprints teachers are trained in CPR and First Aid.

Our philosophy, in conjunction with a low child to teacher ratio, provides Fingerprints children with an optimum learning, loving Christian environment. We know we are successful when our children grow up knowing that school is a great place to be!

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